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What Clients Say About Defense Lawyer Cody Villalon

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“Mr. Villalon is a beacon of hope to anyone seeking a criminal defense attorney. Not only will he advocate zealously on your behalf, but he will protect your rights guaranteed by the constitution to the fullest extent. I recommend Mr. Villalon without reservation.”
– Larry G.
“Won my friend’s jury trial!”
– Christian B.
“Cody Villalon is the best lawyer I have spoken with. He is amazing. He got my son off on numerous offenses, he really cares about his clients as well as their well being. This man is THE BEST in My Book!”
– Athena L.
“Cody was the lawyer in my fiancé D.O.C case, I believe it was Cody’s first DOC case. Most lawyers wouldn’t take his case but Cody took a chance on us. However, Cody did a fantastic job! I was told he showed off in court and proved to be an excellent lawyer. The commonwealth had no case when it came to Cody because he showed all the inconsistencies in their case. I would definitely recommend Cody. He is upstanding, honest, real, and kind. He responded back to every message in a good time frame. D.O.C gave them a hard time with lawyer visits so I feel Cody had little time to prepare, but he still went above and beyond for my Family. Thanks Cody! 5 stars isn’t enough he deserves 100 stars.”
– Whitley P.
“Cody, was amazing. Even if he wasn’t able to answer my call right away he was always extremely quick to get back to me. Was very professional, walked me through everything step by step and in the end, my case was dismissed. Highly, highly recommend.”
– Tyler B.
“Cody was able to get my case no processed. I talked to several lawyers prior to retaining Cody and most of them tried to convince me that my only option was going to be to accept a first offender program that would have kept my charges pending for two years. He was very responsive to phone calls and I’m very grateful for his service.”
– A. S.
“Cody was amazing, he was very professional and quick to respond to your questions, he was very comfortable to talk to and you could tell he really cared about your case. I was extremely pleased with my outcome in court and I would highly recommend him. The best attorney I ever had.”
– Donna S.
“Mr. Villallon is a great lawyer. Always return calls and emails. He did an excellent job on my wife’s multiple charges. I highly recommend him. Thanks Cody we really appreciate everything you have done.”
– Brite W.
“Cody Villalon is an excellent attorney. He will defend for your rights in every way possible. Also, he is respectful and will make the time for your case. Plus, he is extremely intelligent, honest, tech savvy, and a fair attorney to work with. I strongly recommend him to anybody that has any sort of legal issues or concerns.”
– Kareem M.
“Mr. Villalon will take care of your needs he sure has taken care of mine. Professional, affordable and high quality lawyer. Found not guilty in a domestic assault case!!! Give him a call.”
– A. Coles.
“I just had the BEST, most seamless and easy experience with Cody Villalon. Before I reached out to Cody, I had already communicated with other lawyers, but after conversing with him, I knew that he would be the best lawyer to retain. He responds immediately to any email, text or call. He answers every question professionally, and was very prepared for when we went to court. My outcome was everything I needed to work in my favor! He also made sure to set up my situation for future success, by reviewing every little detail to ensure that it would be put behind me, for good! I highly recommend! Thank you for everything Cody, you were great! I wish you the best of luck!”
– Erica T.
“My son was in need of a lawyer. Didn’t know 1st step. Call a few lawyer who all gave me there fee without hearing my story.. Mr Cody called me back he listened, ask questions and explained to me the process. Let me say other lawyers quote price before offering any advice. Cody was a tad bit more but he’s worth it!! He made himself available when we needed always returned calls and answered any questions we may have had. We would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer, he care, listened, and is attentive to his clients needs. I didn’t have to guess what’s going on he always kept us updated!! As much as qappreciate all he done for me and my son. I hope we never have to use you again 🤩. I would give him 10 🌟 if I could!!!!!! We are truly grateful Mr. Villalon!!!!”
– Ann L.
“This was my first time hiring a lawyer and I had no idea what to expect. I read some reviews on Cody and decided to hire him, and I’m so glad I did. Cody was incredibly responsive, he returned every single phone call I made, explained things to me in great detail, and was very informative every step of the way. From the initial consultation to the end of my case, I felt like I was in great hands. Hopefully I’ll never need another lawyer again, but if I do, I know who I’m calling. Thanks Cody!”
– Lisa K.
Attorney Cody Villalon Richmond, VA


Cody Villalon is a criminal defense attorney in Richmond, VA representing clients accused of violent offenses and DUIs, and he specializes in serious criminal charges. He possesses more than 10 years of legal experience, has defended more than 1,000 cases, and has spent more than 5,000 hours in court. He is highly professional and well-respected by prosecutors and judges. [ Attorney Bio ]


  • Virginia Criminal Defense Assoc.
  • Best Defense Award
  • Best DUI Lawyer Award
  • Best DUI Lawyer Award
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