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Richmond Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Protect Your Child’s Future. Cody Villalon Lawyer Defends Juveniles With Compassion.

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A Richmond Juvenile Crimes Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Teen

Juvenile charges bring stress, uncertainty, and fear for both teenagers and their parents. Parents of a teen facing juvenile charges in Richmond may be uncertain of how serious or lasting the consequences might be. A Richmond juvenile defense attorney can help you understand your options and the likely outcome of a conviction.

Richmond juvenile defense lawyer Cody Villalon works with the parents of Richmond teens facing juvenile charges. A conviction for juvenile crimes in Virginia can follow a teen for years to come, impacting areas like employability, educational options, and the ability to secure housing as an adult.

If your teen has been charged with a juvenile crime in Richmond, you need an experienced defense attorney fighting to have the charges dropped or reduced.

Call Richmond juvenile crimes lawyer Cody Villalon at (804) 316-0765 to schedule a free consultation today.

Why Choose Cody Villalon as Your Richmond Juvenile Defense Attorney?

Success in Virginia Criminal Defense for More than a Decade

Cody Villalon is a leader in Virginia criminal defense. For more than a decade, Cody has successfully protected clients from the unwanted consequences of a criminal conviction.

Client testimonials and case results show that Cody Villalon excels at criminal defense and regularly leaves clients impressed with both the outcomes he achieves and his compassionate, supportive presence during the stressful period of court proceedings.

Cody Villalon understands the potential short- and long-term consequences of a conviction for juvenile charges in Richmond. He’ll explain what you can expect from the legal process as well as the consequences your teenager may face. Cody inspects every element of a case, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the process of seeking to have a juvenile’s charges dropped.

Having spent more than 5,000 hours in Virginia courts working to defend clients on well over 1,000 cases, Cody Villalon has the experience, expertise, and track record you need to protect your teenager’s future in the face of juvenile criminal charges.

How Juvenile Defense Lawyer Cody Villalon Can Help

Working with Richmond juvenile crimes lawyer Cody Villalon begins with a free consultation. He’ll listen to your teenager’s side of the story and review police records and other documentation of the arrest.

Cody will explain the likely outcome of the charges and the possible long-term consequences of having a juvenile conviction on record.

Once Cody begins working on your case, he’ll complete a thorough investigation. He’ll work first to have the charges dropped entirely. If circumstances make achieving this impossible, his goal will shift to working for a reduction in charges and the most lenient sentencing available given the charges your teen is facing.

Cody’s criminal defense process includes the following steps:

  • Investigate police reports for misconduct or improper protocol
  • Identify whether your teen’s rights were violated in any way
  • Investigate whether police violated any laws protecting juveniles
  • Communicate with the court on your teen’s behalf
  • Complete legal paperwork
  • Inform you of hearing dates and updates on your teen’s case
  • Help your teen prepare for court appearances
  • Build a strong defense
  • Argue for the best outcomes available given the circumstances
  • Inform and reassure a teen and their parents.

Cody Villalon offers the experience and expertise of an accomplished juvenile defense lawyer. His compassion and dedication to justice help alleviate the stress of juvenile charges for both a teenager and their parents. When you put your teenager’s case in Cody’s hands, you can rest assured that he’ll fight to make the best possible outcome a reality.

If your teen is facing juvenile charges in Richmond, you need an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Call Cody Villalon today at (804) 316-0765 to learn more about your options during a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Parents Ask About Richmond Juvenile Charges

Curious about juvenile charges in Richmond? Here are some of the questions that our juvenile defense lawyer hears:

Juvenile records are not immediately sealed in Virginia, and in some cases, they are never sealed. In this respect, Virginia law is less forgiving than many other states. For juvenile felony charges, juvenile records are never sealed. This means a convicted teen will have a felony on record for the remainder of their life.

For misdemeanor charges, juvenile records are sealed only after five years or after the teen turns 19 — whichever happens last. This means that if a 17-year-old is charged with a misdemeanor for shoplifting or drug possession, their record won’t be sealed until they reach the age of 22.

Even a misdemeanor can seriously impact the course of a teen’s future; for example, misdemeanor charges can impact their ability to get into college or find a job.

Driving-related charges, such as a DUI, can remain on a teen’s driving record for up to a decade.

It’s hard to say in advance exactly how juvenile charges will impact a teen’s future, but the result is rarely positive. Since juvenile felonies remain on record for life, your teen’s opportunities to secure employment, education, and housing can be seriously limited for their entire life.

Even a juvenile misdemeanor can derail a teen’s plans to attend college and might make it impossible to pursue a career in certain professions.

Juvenile charges mean that a teenager is making choices that put them on the wrong side of the law. For most teens, criminal charges aren’t the outcome of an isolated event but rather indicate a pattern of behavior. If your teen is ever charged with another crime in the future, having a prior charge on record can have a significant negative impact on the outcome of a future case.

Yes, a juvenile over 16 can be tried as an adult for certain crimes. If a juvenile is tried as an adult and convicted of a felony, any minimum sentencing requirement can be waived. A Virginia court trying a juvenile as an adult is also required to take into consideration factors like adverse childhood experiences, childhood trauma, and other circumstances that may have played a role in the juvenile’s legal issues.

Yes, a juvenile can be sentenced to jail or prison time if they have been tried as an adult. In most cases, a juvenile’s charges will go through the juvenile court system. Outcomes here can include release, release under house arrest, or detention.

If a juvenile is sentenced to detention, they will be required to remain at a juvenile detention center for the amount of time specified by the juvenile court.

The cost of a Richmond juvenile defense attorney can be impacted by many factors, like the type of charges and the complexity of the case. Experience and track record also play a key role in an attorney’s rates. A lawyer with a long practice history and a record of impressive outcomes will likely charge more than an inexperienced or less successful attorney.

Something to keep in mind while researching juvenile defense attorneys is that price can reflect the quality of the legal representation you receive — and when your teenager’s record is on the line, the cost of a lawyer is an investment in their future.

When you need effective representation, turn to Cody Villalon.

Juvenile Crimes in the State of Virginia

Richmond Juvenile Charges Can Range from Misdemeanor to Felony

The state of Virginia regards juveniles as anyone under the age of 17. The Virginia justice system charges juveniles with delinquency charges, and these can include both felonies and misdemeanors.

Some of the most common felony charges faced by juveniles in Richmond include:

  • Theft over $500
  • Possession of a Schedule I or II controlled substance
  • Multiple DUI convictions
  • A car accident that leads to another’s death
  • Vandalism
  • Drug possession
  • Causing serious injury to another.

Even if a juvenile is not tried as an adult, a conviction for a juvenile felony can be accompanied by a sentence of years in a juvenile detention facility.

Common examples of juvenile misdemeanors in Richmond include:

  • DUI
  • Shoplifting
  • Assault
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Driving without a license or insurance
  • Public intoxication
  • Possession of a schedule III, IV, V, or VI controlled substance.

If a teen is over the age of 16, they can also be charged as an adult for felony crimes. Adult charges can be accompanied by sentencing to an adult jail or prison, along with felony charges that remain on record permanently. Consulting a Richmond felony lawyer can provide more clarity on these issues.

Possible Penalties for Richmond Juvenile Charges

Penalties for a juvenile conviction depend on many factors, such as whether a teen has been charged with a misdemeanor or felony and whether they have prior convictions on their juvenile record.

Possible outcomes of a juvenile conviction in Richmond include:

  • Sentencing to a juvenile detention facility
  • Sentencing to house arrest under a parent’s custody
  • Diversion to a drug or alcohol treatment program
  • Being placed on probation
  • Being ordered to complete community service
  • Being ordered to pay fines
  • Suspension of a driver’s license
  • Prison or jail time if tried as an adult.

Juvenile misdemeanors tend to be accompanied by more lenient sentencing, but a juvenile misdemeanor conviction can still have a significant impact — If a teen ends up facing criminal charges again in the future, consulting a Richmond misdemeanor charge lawyer can be crucial, as the presence of a prior juvenile conviction on record can seriously impact their court outcome.

What to Expect After a Juvenile Arrest in Richmond

When you begin working with Richmond juvenile defense attorney Cody Villalon, he’ll explain in detail how the Virginia juvenile justice system works.

Your teen’s case will go through several stages. After arrest, a teen will have an intake hearing. The outcomes of this stage can include dismissal of charges, diversion (an order to take further steps, such as rehab or community service), or referral to the juvenile court.

The intake hearing is a crucial first step in your teen’s case and can determine whether charges will formally be filed and whether they can return home or will be sent to a detention facility.

Cody Villalon employs a variety of criminal defense strategies, working to have charges dropped or reduced and arguing for the most lenient sentence available.

The sooner you involve a Richmond juvenile defense attorney, the better your teen’s outcome will be.

Call Richmond Juvenile Defense Attorney Cody Villalon Today

Parents have many questions when a juvenile has been charged with a crime. Whether it’s a matter as common as shoplifting, where consulting a shoplifting attorney might be beneficial, or as serious as vehicular manslaughter, understanding the charges and potential consequences is crucial.

Regardless of what charges your teen is facing, you need to involve an experienced juvenile defense attorney as soon as possible if you hope to have charges dropped or keep your teen out of a juvenile detention facility.

Cody Villalon helps parents get their teens back on track — and protects them from the lifelong consequences a juvenile conviction can bring. Schedule a free consultation with Richmond juvenile crimes lawyer Cody Villalon by calling (804) 316-0765 today.

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”Mr. Villalon got my case dismissed! When I first went to his office & told him my charges he just laughed & said he can take care of this no problem. Two months later everything was dismissed! If you are looking for an professional & skilled attorney, I recommend Mr Villalon 100%. Thank you again Mr Villalon for all the help!- Nate Huizinga (Google Review)

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