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Richmond Violent Offense Charge Lawyer

Facing Violent Offenses? Cody Villalon Attorney Defends With Strength And Determination.

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Our Violent Offense Charge Attorney Will Protect Your Rights

Turn to Cody Villalon Like Your Future Depends on It

A violent offense charge means that your future is on the line. Violent offense charges are serious crimes, and they come with serious consequences.

If you’ve been charged with a violent offense, you may be facing a long-term or life prison sentence. Once you’re released from prison, the charges on your record will follow you the rest of your life, making employment and housing difficult to procure.

When you’re facing grave charges, you need skilled defense lawyer. Richmond violent offense charge lawyer Cody Villalon, also renowned as a Richmond theft defense lawyer, has been defending clients in the Richmond area for 12 years. He fights tenaciously to get charges dropped and sentences reduced.

If you’ve been accused of a violent offense, you need strong legal representation immediately.

Cody Villalon is the violent offense charge attorney in Richmond, VA, that you need to secure a positive outcome to a grim situation. Protect your future. Call us today at 804.316.0765.

Why Choose Cody Villalon?

Aggressive Defense. Proven Results.

Cody Villalon has the experience you need when it’s time to fight back against violent offense charges. He’s an experienced defense attorney with a long track record of success when it comes to defending charges and reducing sentences.

His experience in the Richmond area means he knows the courts, the prosecutors, and how to navigate the system. He has an established track record of building strong arguments for clients accused of a violent offense in Richmond. Cody Villalon’s past client testimonials show just how successful he is at his job.

If you’ve been charged with a violent offense, you need to act quickly. A violent offense charge attorney in Richmond, VA, needs to begin building a case right away. The sooner you begin working with an attorney, the less likely you are to further incriminate yourself.

Take charge of your charges. To begin fighting back, contact Cody Villalon today at 804.316.0765.

How Our Lawyer for Violent Offense Can Help

Improving Outcomes in Richmond, VA

When you’re facing violent offense charges, you need a violent offense charge attorney in Richmond, VA. Without one, you won’t correctly present information and form a legal argument that can get your charges dropped or reduced. Using a legal professionalwho knows how to navigate the legal system is crucial to improving your outcome.

When your freedom is on the line, Cody Villalon leaves no stone unturned. He’ll thoroughly investigate all charges, looking for reasons to have them reduced. As he works to defend your rights, he may:

  • Conduct a private investigation
  • Conduct interviews with witnesses
  • Examine witness statements for inconsistencies
  • Investigate possible police misconduct
  • Arrange consultations with relevant experts.

After all the elements of your case are considered, our violent offense attorney will implement the approach to building the argument that is most likely to improve your outcome.

Possible arguments that may help your outcome include considering claims of self-defense or defense of others, mistaken identity, accidental contact, and initiation or escalation by the other party. Our trusted defense attorney may also work to show that the circumstances of your violent offense case don’t merit the severity of the charges you’ve received.

Every case is different, and your attorney’s approach will depend on the type of charges you’re facing and the circumstances of your case. Whatever your situation, working with our dedicated lawyer for violent offenses will help improve your outcome in court.

For some clients, an improved outcome will mean fighting to have the charges dropped entirely. For others, the focus will be on how to mitigate damages. In these cases, Cody Villalon will aim to reduce the severity of the charges and minimize consequences like incarceration time and fine amounts.

What Is a Violent Offense?

A violent offense usually involves harm against another. This can also include merely threatening to harm another.

Violent offense charges can vary by state. Violent offenses in the state of Virginia are defined as committing or attempting to commit a number of crimes that include the following:

If you’ve been charged with any of these offenses in the state of Virginia, you face serious penalties that might extend up to a sentence of life in prison. Contacting our violent offense attorney immediately is crucial to improving the outcome of your case.

What Are the Consequences of Violent Offense Charges in Richmond?

Penalties Range from Probation to Life in Prison

A violent offense charge can have a wide range of outcomes. Oftentimes, penalties correspond to the extent of a victim’s injuries.

The least serious charge for a violent offense is a Class 1 misdemeanor. If you find yourself facing such a charge, consulting a Richmond misdemeanor charge lawyer can be crucial. The most severe outcome can be a sentence of life in prison. A violent offense charge often results in many years spent behind bars and leaves you with serious charges that never leave your record.

In some cases, legal representation can get violent offense charges dropped to probation. If one violates these probation terms, a probation violations attorney can provide necessary assistance. Your attorney may also be able to achieve lighter or lifted sentencing with an agreement to attend counseling, undergo substance abuse treatment, or complete community service.

Experience Is Key to Success in Defending Violent Offense Charges

Cody Villalon Knows How to Win

With 12 years of experience defending clients from violent offense charges, Cody Villalon has seen it all. He’s successfully defended clients against a wide range of violent offense charges, including:

  • Assault
  • Manslaughter
  • Homicide
  • Sexual abuse
  • Burglary
  • Gun charges.

When you choose Cody Villalon as your Richmond, VA, violent offense charge lawyer, you know your case is in experienced hands.

Cody Villalon is a solo practitioner. That means he never hands your case off to someone else. He gets to know each client personally. He cares deeply about his clients and works to build each case with compassion and determination.

As a dedicated defense attorney who puts you and your interests first, Cody Villalon prides himself on always making time for client communication, and he goes the extra mile to ensure he’s fully prepared to fight for your future in both the courtroom and litigation proceedings.

When it’s time to hire a Richmond violent offense charge lawyer, you need someone with a proven track record of success. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to get your charges reduced or dropped entirely. Fight back today by calling Cody Villalon at 804.316.0765


Common Questions About Violent Offense Charges

A lawyer can still help even if you’ve admitted guilt. Admitting guilt without first consulting with your attorney is always a mistake. However, violent crimes can be accompanied by strong emotions, and sometimes clients say more than they should.

If you’ve already admitted guilt, contact an attorney immediately. A lawyer for violent offense will conduct an investigation into your case. They will look into police conduct and investigate whether law enforcement followed proper protocols, like informing you of your rights and your right to a lawyer.

Even if you’ve admitted guilt, it’s still possible to get the severity of your charges and sentencing reduced.

There are ten categories of criminal charges in the state of Virginia: six types of felonies and four types of misdemeanors. The type of crime and extent of injury determine the classification of your charges.

As your attorney, Cody Villalon will investigate your violent offense case and, when possible, will work to have your charges dropped. If this route is not possible, your attorney will instead work to have your charges reduced to a less serious category of offense.

The best way to reduce your sentencing is to work with a lawyer who is experienced in handling defense for violent offense cases. A lawyer will investigate every aspect of the case and work to present information in a way that helps mitigate your sentence.

If your attorney can successfully get your violent offense charges dropped to a lower classification, the corresponding sentence is usually reduced as well. In addition to evidence and testimony, other factors that can help include expressing remorse, a lack of prior offenses, and contributions to the community.

Usually, sentencing occurs in relation to the gravity of the charges. With less serious charges, the sentencing may take place as soon as you’re convicted.

When the charges are more serious, the sentencing may be postponed until a later hearing. When this happens, further testimony and evidence can be submitted to influence the sentence.

Criminal sentencing in Virginia is determined by the guidelines set forth by the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission. These guidelines make suggestions for a range of incarceration time and classification of the crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or felony.

When it’s time for your sentence, these guidelines will be consulted and applied to your violent offense case. However, individual outcomes will be impacted by other factors as well, such as prior convictions and the level of injury sustained by a victim. In some cases guidelines might not be used and a jury will determine the sentence.

Contact Cody Villalon for an Aggressive Defense

Facing violent offense charges means that you’re running out of time. Your freedom and chance to fight back are limited. You need to act promptly and secure an aggressive attorney with a proven track record of success fighting against violent offense charges.

Don’t risk waiting any longer. Contact Cody Villalon today at 804.316.0765 to schedule a free consultation and begin fighting for your freedom before it’s gone.

Client Testimonial

”Cody Villalon is the best he is a great defense attorney, if you need a lawyer don’t hesitate hire him!!! His work speaks for himself he’s very professional and cares about his clients. My brother was looking at alot of time behind bars , Cody made it clear to me and my family that would not happend , and that he would handle everything and because of him my brother don’t have to serve the max he will be home soon with family. Thank you Cody so much if I could I would give you a 1000 🌟 stars” – Jasmine P (Google Review)

Attorney Cody Villalon Richmond, VA


Cody Villalon is a criminal defense attorney in Richmond, VA representing clients accused of violent offenses and DUIs, and he specializes in serious criminal charges. He possesses more than 10 years of legal experience, has defended more than 1,000 cases, and has spent more than 5,000 hours in court. He is highly professional and well-respected by prosecutors and judges. [ Attorney Bio ]


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