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Brandishing a Firearm

Accused of waving a weapon in Virginia? Cody Villalon can build your defense.

Gun Ownership Requires Responsible Behavior

The statement “brandishing a weapon” sounds like something that happens in the Wild West, but the act happens regularly in Virginia and across the country.  The term can be misunderstood, and the action, in many circumstances in Virginia, is a crime that can be a Class 1 misdemeanor or even a felony.

To clarify, you can be charged with brandishing a weapon if you are holding a weapon, or something that appears to be one, and threatening another individual. The interaction does not need to be one-on-one.  Displaying a weapon in public, thus causing fear and concern, also falls under this umbrella.

If you have been arrested and accused of brandishing a weapon, the consequences can be serious and long-lasting.

You will want to work with a reputable Virginia criminal defense attorney who is experienced in defending those accused of gun crimes.

Cody Villalon has established himself as a reliable professional known for providing high-quality, attentive legal representation.  As a sole practitioner, he personally serves each of his clients, giving them peace of mind that their case is being handled by an experienced Richmond criminal attorney. He offers all potential clients a free consultation.  If you are facing brandishing charges, contact him today at 804-316-0765 to learn how he would approach your case.

Why Engage Cody Villalon to Defend You Against Brandishing a Weapon Charges

Cody Knows How to Handle Situations Like This

When you are facing serious gun charges like brandishing a weapon, life may seem like it is spinning out of control. At times like this, taking active steps to manage your situation is important. Working with the right attorney can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case and, subsequently, your life.

In most instances, the adjective “right” is subjective — what is good for one person may not be ideal for another. But in cases like this, some of the qualities that make an attorney the right one are indisputable, like their experience on cases like yours, their knowledge of the law, and their approach to providing criminal defense services.

Cody Villalon is well-known and well-respected in and around Richmond.  Take a moment to better understand why so many place their faith in him.

Significant Experience:  Mr. Villalon has more than a decade of experience defending those in Virginia accused of a broad range of gun crimes, including brandishing.

In-depth Knowledge: Gun laws in Virginia are incredibly complicated. Mr. Villalon’s understanding of these laws is complemented by his insight into the operations of the courts and the relationships he has built with local prosecutors and judges.

Responsive, Hands-on Service: As a renowned criminal defense attorney, Cody Villalon appreciates his clients’ concerns for their future. In response, he has developed an approach to service that prioritizes active, compassionate communication and service. The opportunity to have Mr. Villalon’s personal representation is one of the reasons so many reach out to him in times of need.

Perhaps nothing speaks more strongly to the value Cody Villalon brings than the words of past clients.  Their comments are the greatest testament to the quality of his work. Contact him today to learn just how powerfully he can support you.

How Cody Villalon Will Handle Your Brandishing Charges

What You Can Expect from Your Richmond Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing charges for brandishing a weapon, your future is in jeopardy. Penalties associated with a guilty verdict can be life-changing, and working with a seasoned gun charge attorney can help protect you.

You can expect Cody Villalon to manage your case from beginning to end.  His defense services will include:

Free consultation: This initial meeting is incredibly valuable. Not only does it provide Mr. Villalon a chance to gain insight into your situation, but it also offers you the opportunity to see, firsthand, how he interacts with his clients.

In-depth investigation:  Mr. Villalon understands and appreciates the value of details, particularly with respect to the charges of brandishing a firearm.  As such, he carefully reviews all aspects of the case against you, including police reports, arrest details, and statements from witnesses.

Regular communication: The importance of communication, with prosecutors, the courts, witnesses and, of course, the defendant, cannot be overstated. Mr. Villalon recognizes that the best communicators are good listeners. Information from others can provide a wealth of information. He will communicate with everyone involved in your case on your behalf, while always keeping you apprised of his progress.  Additionally, he is available to you, as needed, to answer your questions and address your concerns.  He never loses sight of the fact that this is your case and your future that is at stake.

Negotiating on your behalf: In many instances, charges involving brandishing a firearm can be settled out of court, through negotiations with prosecutors.  Mr. Villalon will negotiate strategically on your behalf.  He will present all options to you, never making a final decision without your explicit direction.

Build your defense: Cody Villalon is known for developing strong defenses. Based on years of experience defending those charged with brandishing a firearm, he knows what works. From violations of rights to unreliable witness statements, he works tirelessly to identify and substantiate issues that help to protect your future and minimize the impact of these charges on your life.

Represent you in court: In those instances when negotiations are unsuccessful, you can rely on Mr. Villalon to provide you with robust representation.  He is an aggressive litigator who fights tirelessly on behalf of his clients.

When you engage Cody Villalon, you get Cody Villalon.  He will personally handle all aspects of your case.  You can rest assured that no stone will be left unturned and every action he takes will be carefully considered and skillfully executed.  He is committed to his clients and dedicated to providing them with the high-quality service they deserve.

Brandishing a Firearm in Virginia

Understanding the Charges Against You

If you are charged with a crime, understanding what you did to violate the law is important. Cody Villalon is well-versed in Virginia law regarding brandishing a weapon and knows how to build successful defenses to safeguard his clients.

Brandishing a weapon can take place in private or in public. For example, if you are in your home (or that of another person) and you threaten them with a weapon or even something that resembles a weapon, you can be charged with brandishing. The same actions in public, with the goal of scaring others, can also result in an arrest. It is important to recognize that actions have consequences, and even if you do not fire the gun you are breaking the law.

The location of your actions as well as the circumstances determine the severity of the charges against you.

In most cases, brandishing a firearm is a Class 1 misdemeanor. However, if you brandish a weapon in or near (within 1,000 feet) a school you can be charged with a Class 6 felony, a more serious crime. If you brandish a firearm while committing an additional crime (like robbery), charges can be even more serious.

Regardless of the level of charges against you, engaging a seasoned and experienced Richmond criminal defense attorney is in your best interests.

If Found Guilty, the Penalties Can Be Significant

You likely know that misdemeanor crimes are considered less serious than felonies; thus the penalties are not as severe. It is important to recognize that this does not mean they cannot have an impact on your life. Truly, they can.

If convicted of a Class 1 misdemeanor for brandishing a firearm, you can face significant fines (up to $2,500) and prison time up to 12 months.  Conviction for a Class 6 felony is even more severe, including jail time of up to five years as well as monetary fines.

The impact of these penalties is far-reaching.  If you are sentenced to jail time, it could affect your employment as well as your relationship with your family and friends.  Even simply being charged with a felony can have a negative effect on your life, making it more difficult to secure employment, continue your education, or find appropriate housing.  Additionally, you may not be able to serve on a jury, and your voting rights can be retracted.  If convicted of a felony you would be unable to possess a firearm.

Clearly, you need the guidance of an experienced legal professional to protect yourself, your family, and your future.

Cody Villalon Understands Successful Defense Strategies for Brandishing Charges

Cody Villalon knows how to effectively defend his clients who are facing charges of brandishing a firearm.  In addition to reviewing the situation at hand and ensuring your rights were not violated at any time during the arrest, he is well aware that in Virginia individuals are entitled to protect themselves and their families. So, if you are being threatened with a firearm, drawing your weapon may be an appropriate response.

Additionally, in some cases, you may have mistakenly pulled your firearm or done so without the intent of threatening others.  If he can prove your actions were misunderstood and that you meant no harm, you may not be found guilty.

Finally, in some cases, you may not be guilty of brandishing if the action took place on private property with permission granted by the owner, assuming you did not cause a major public disturbance.

In all situations, Mr. Villalon will review the aspects of your case and evidence against you when determining the best strategy to pursue.

Serious Criminal Charges Require a Skilled Defense Attorney

Cody Villalon Is Ready to Address Your Brandishing a Firearm Charges Today

The State of Virginia works hard to uphold the second amendment rights of its citizens.  In return, those who own firearms are expected to act appropriately, always displaying responsible behavior. Simply being allowed to possess a gun does not provide you the right to brandish it without cause.

If you have been arrested and charged with brandishing a firearm, you will likely realize your situation’s severity. This is not something you should handle yourself. You simply don’t have the knowledge and experience to protect your future and well-being appropriately.

This is where Cody Villalon can help. He knows how to build strong defenses for those accused of brandishing a firearm; he has a proven record of success and a long-standing reputation for providing stellar client service.

Facing serious charges is overwhelming, and you are likely worried about your future. Contact Cody Villalon today at 804-316-0765 to schedule your free consultation and learn how he can help you. His commitment to providing criminal defense services to those in and around Richmond is well-founded, and his dedication to clients is consistent and powerful.

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