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Richmond Misdemeanor Charge Lawyer

Don’t Underestimate Misdemeanor Charges. Cody Villalon Attorney Fights For Your Defense.

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Richmond Misdemeanor Charge Lawyer Knows How to Fight for You

You’re likely concerned if you’ve been arrested on a misdemeanor charge in Richmond, Virginia or the surrounding areas. Misdemeanors can result in a criminal record that stays with you for a long time. Those convicted often have difficulty obtaining gainful employment, buying a house, and securing credit.

With the help of an experienced law advocate, you can obtain the assistance you need to fight your charges and get your life back.

Cody Villalon, Attorney at Law, has over ten years of experience fighting for individuals accused of misdemeanors and other criminal charges in court. His expertise has garnered him thousands of hours in the courtroom, leveling the playing field for those caught in the crosshairs of the law.

Choosing Cody Villalon as Your Lawyer

Experience Matters When You’re Facing Misdemeanor Charges in Richmond

You need a skilled legal counsel with trial experience who is knowledgeable about criminal law. Cody Villalon, a Richmond assault lawyer, has represented clients accused of burglary, assault, murder, misdemeanors, and other charges.

He knows you need compassionate counsel and can guide you through your trial and defend you with every tactic possible. You can’t go wrong by choosing Cody Villalon as your misdemeanor lawyer in Virginia.

Cody Villalon, Attorney at Law, offers free consultations for individuals facing misdemeanor charges. Call (804) 316-0765 to schedule a case review with an effective misdemeanor charges attorney in Richmond.

How Cody Villalon Can Help You in Your Misdemeanor Case

It’s devastating to be charged with a crime. You may wonder how your case will turn out and how it will affect your life. Cody Villalon understands what you’re facing and has the tools and knowledge to help you.

When you choose Cody, you gain access to a lawyer who will:

  • Examine the facts and circumstances of your case with a careful, non-judgmental eye
  • Design the most effective defensive strategy for your case
  • Identify any mistakes that were made in your case
  • Review police reports and laboratory tests for potential errors or mishandling
  • Coach you before hearings so you know how to put your best foot forward
  • Adhere to the procedural rules and filings required in the state of Virginia
  • Negotiate potential plea bargains with prosecutors if necessary
  • Prepare your case for trial if required.

Don’t attempt to go it alone in a misdemeanor case. You need the assistance of an experienced attorney who knows the law.

What Is the Punishment for a Misdemeanor in Virginia?

A Misdemeanor Crime Lawyer in Richmond Explains

Misdemeanors are considered less severe than felonies in Virginia, but they still carry stiff fines, the potential for jail time, and a criminal record that follows you. In some cases, they can result in loss of your driver’s license, making it more challenging to get to the places you need to go, like work or school.

What is the punishment for a misdemeanor in Virginia? Virginia classifies misdemeanors into four different categories. Class 1 misdemeanors are the most severe, and class 4 misdemeanors are the least serious.

Class 1 Misdemeanor

A Class 1 misdemeanor is the most serious of all misdemeanors. Class 1 misdemeanors can result in a maximum of a year in prison and a fine of up to $2,500. This type of misdemeanor is only one step below a felony charge. Common Class 1 misdemeanors in Virginia include:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Concealed weapon
  • Petit larceny, where the value of a stolen object is $1,000 or less
  • Some types of assault and battery
  • Disorderly conduct or obstruction of justice

Class 1 misdemeanors should be handled with care. You’ll need help from an experienced misdemeanor lawyer to represent your case.

Class 2 Misdemeanor

A Class 2 misdemeanor is less severe than a Class 1 but still has severe consequences. Examples of Class 2 misdemeanors include:

  • Driving without a license
  • Having possession of a controlled substance on the Schedule IV list
  • Displaying a fake vehicle permit
  • Secondary custody or visitation order violation.

Class 2 misdemeanors are punishable by up to six months of jail time and a fine of up to $1,000 (or both).

Class 3 Misdemeanor

Class 3 misdemeanors are punishable by a fine. Examples include:

  • Possession of a substance on the Schedule V controlled substance list
  • Misconduct by a notary
  • Violating a custody or visitation order
  • Driving without appropriate insurance
  • Using reflective window tinting.

The maximum fine for a Class 3 misdemeanor is $500.

Class 4 Misdemeanor

Class 4 misdemeanors are the least serious of all misdemeanors. They are punishable by a fine. Examples include:

  • Public intoxication
  • Drinking while operating a motor vehicle
  • Possession of a substance on the Schedule VI list
  • Trespassing on railroad tracks.

The maximum fine for a Class 4 misdemeanor is $250.

While the consequences for misdemeanors aren’t as severe as those for felonies, misdemeanors stay on your criminal record. Having a misdemeanor can affect other aspects of your life. You need the help of a misdemeanor charges attorney in Richmond to fight your case.

To schedule a free case review with misdemeanor crime lawyer Cody Villalon, call 804.316.076.

Should You Get a Lawyer for a Misdemeanor?

Many people believe they don’t need the assistance of a skilled defense lawyer to fight a misdemeanor charge. This is especially true if they have never been charged with a past crime. However, while the fines and potential for incarceration are much less than for felonies, they can still affect your life, often for years to come.

Consequences of Misdemeanor Charges on Your Criminal Record

Misdemeanors can stay on your criminal record permanently in Virginia. They can impact your ability to get a job, obtain funding for college, buy a home, and even drive.

Potential employers are less likely to trust you when you have a misdemeanor on your criminal record. Creditors may automatically refuse you when you need a loan. If you feel that your rights were violated during the process, consulting with a Richmond search and seizure lawyer can provide valuable guidance. In addition, your crime is public to anyone who searches for your background.

Should you get a lawyer for a misdemeanor? Don’t put your future at risk by accepting a misdemeanor charge. Instead, seek the help of a qualified misdemeanor lawyer.

Defenses to a Misdemeanor Charge

Building a defense to a misdemeanor charge is essential. Law enforcement agents will have evidence of any crimes that you allegedly committed. Courts aren’t known for being forgiving in criminal cases, so you’ll need a skilled criminal lawyer familiar with misdemeanor law to assist you.

To prepare an adequate defense for your case, Cody Villalon, a misdemeanor lawyer in Virginia, will review the facts and circumstances of the charges against you. Evidence will be scrutinized to find mistakes or errors that were made when charging you with a crime.

If you did not commit the crime, videos, security footage, photos, and social media content could provide evidence to prove your innocence.

Additionally, there are other potential defenses to your case.

First, you may have no knowledge of committing a crime. While a simple lack of knowledge is usually not enough to defend a misdemeanor charge, doing something without intent to commit a crime may be helpful to your case.

Another possible defense includes any errors made by law enforcement agents or police officers during the arrest process.

A third defensive strategy involves whether you qualify for Virginia’s First Offender Program. The program intends to rehabilitate individuals charged with their first crime and may result in fewer penalties or a dismissed case.

All potential defensive strategies will be considered when determining how to represent your case. Misdemeanor crime lawyer Cody Villalon believes in fighting for the rights of individuals accused of crimes and will do everything possible to protect you from your charges.

Questions Often Asked of Misdemeanor Lawyers

You likely have many questions if you’ve been charged with a crime and are determining whether you need a lawyer. Here are a few questions that Richmond misdemeanor charge lawyer Cody Villalon often hears at his practice.

Each state has a statute of limitations that caps law enforcement agents’ time to pursue misdemeanor charges. In Virginia, the statute of limitations is one year from the date of the alleged crime. However, cases involving petit larceny may be pursued for up to five years. 

After the statute of limitations period has passed, the case becomes time-barred and cannot be pursued in a court of law.

If you need a lawyer to represent you for misdemeanor charges, you’ll want someone skilled in all matters of criminal law and law enforcement actions. It is best to find an attorney who has previously handled misdemeanor cases and can carefully navigate the procedures involved in a charge that goes to trial. 

Attorney Cody Villalon has defended over 1,000 cases in his career as a misdemeanor attorney and has significant experience in trial courts. He knows how to build a successful defense strategy for individuals who find themselves charged with a misdemeanor.

Your consultation is the first time you’ll speak with your potential Richmond misdemeanor charge lawyer. You want to have all the facts of your case available, including copies of police reports, documentation related to the crime, and any information you feel is relevant to your charges. 

If you have witnesses, their names and contact information are helpful. Note any questions you have concerning the case and how you will be represented.

Errors happen, and you may be charged with a crime you didn’t commit. This is especially true if you attended a large gathering and police couldn’t identify who was truly responsible. 

Individuals charged with crimes they didn’t commit are typically scared and worried. They don’t want their future affected by something they didn’t do. If you find yourself in this situation, you need the best defense possible. Contact Cody Villalon, a misdemeanor lawyer in Virginia, for help at 804.316.0765.

Contact Cody Villalon for Legal Representation in a Misdemeanor Case

Being charged with a misdemeanor is scary. One minute, you’re a regular participant in society, and the next, you’ve been accused of running afoul of the law. While a misdemeanor charge may not come with penalties as severe as those for a felony, no one wants a criminal record. This is why many turn to experts, like a Richmond felony lawyer, to navigate these challenging situations.

For the legal assistance you need, schedule a consultation with Cody Villalon, Attorney at Law, by calling 804.316.0765.

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